Story of DUAL GEAR is begin in the nearly future year of 2069. 11 years after the great incident of Gaia Belt. Earth orbit polluted by the large amount of space debris from Gaia Space Station. The terrorist, Watchmaker begin to attack every where of the UNR territories. Put the earth into the new era of the conflict situation. Balancing between the power of nations has been changed forever.  


UNR and Professor Rangan established the independent special task force under the name, N.E.M.O.S. To created the extraordinary THV troops to Anti all conflicts with THV related. Rangan gather some experts young boy and girl pilots from the Program of Eden Child joining the arm of Dual Gear, the official military used THV to fight back the most terrifying enemy, The Watchmaker who's created a cluster of conflicts around the world.


Neil Carlsen, The Ace Pilot who saves the earth from the collapse of Gaia Space Station 11 years ago. He comes back again to destroy The Black Dual Gear "Xenoframe" The DG what's behind The MOD Incident. He found out that Black DG between the fighting with NEMOS 7th Squad and starting duel each other.

Neil pilots his DG Sidewinder, taken down The Xenoframe but, under the moment of the sudden attack. He faced the familiar one in the Black DG. She just a girl was like his daughter's loss from the MOD incident.

He was captured by NEMOS 7th after the fight and sending him to the 7th Division Headquater to start the investigation. This is the beginning story of the heroic Ace pilot Neil Carlsen he lost everything from the MOD incident and The lost number child Aliya Afrah who controls the black Dual Gear!



DUAL GEAR, The Tactical Humanoid Vehicle(THV). It's the human shape robot specific design for the tactical used in the Military Armed Forces.


It's begin from the new space race era's start from 2034. The astronaut robotic technology growing fast along side with the Gaia Project. Until the happen of MOD incident. The Era of the new weapon called, Dual Gear has begun.

UNR and their technology provider, TEC are begin the mass producing of DG and sold them to any client worldwide, including the PMCs. Under the reason, to protect the earth from the terrorist who's did the MOD, Watchmaker.

World Time Line

2022: World beginning to recover from the great pandemic from 2 years ago but suffering by disequilibrium things structured us to be humankind.


2024: Humans win against the virus but, the economic system's going under harmful damaged.

Most of the powerful countries began to un-stabilize their circulation system.


2030: Old United Nations losing control of the cluster of political conflicts around the world. The powerful countries word's being dissolved.


2030: TEC's successfully operated the artificial photon transmitter to communicated human neurons with practical information.


2031: UNR replaced the old united nation under G8 nations empowered. They revealed the plan of discovering the new resource outside the earth.


2034: GAIA project's established.


2039: Gaia fusion reactor success to constructed over the 36,000 kilometers of earth orbit.

UNR Moon Base beginning to construct in the same year.


2045: Astrorobotic technology exponential growing alongside with the completion of Gaia space station.


2046: Molecular computer success to integrated into the secret transparency material. The power's come closer to The Quantic Computing.


2048: First step of humankind on Mars. TEC company brings the 3 meters human shape robot call AHV for the Mars mission.


The Prototype robot with a new processing unit called "Dual Drive" has been developed. They've given the name of that kind of robot, "Dual Drive Gear"


2051: UNR published the official information about the military use robot officially called, Tactical Humanoid Vehicle(THV). They live the test drive from the UNR moon base to showing up the potential of new robotic technology. That test drive's a lot of interest by people.


2057: Largest space station ever name GAIA BELT's ready to operate. Also, Babel Orbital Fortress's constructed in the same years.


2058: Unknown terrorists attacked the fusion reactor module of Gaia Space Station. Neil Carlsen and his special THV troop can secure the module but, the Explosion's created a chain reaction of scattering debris that affected the pollution of the orbital system, and some huge structures sunk into the earth's surface. Gaia closed the fusion module until now.


Unburnt Gaia structures spread out terrible damage on any collided place. Neil loss his wife and daughter during the vacation in Australia.


2059: UNR official calls the incident at Gaia Space Station's The Massive Orbital Destruction(M.O.D.).

UNR blames some powerful countries outside the order are behind the attacks and use this factor to increase the military used THV to protect their authority and all levels of the orbital system.


2060: TEC's started the program to create the special THV Pilot call Divinity Project. Many of neuron expert scientist are joined.

They leak some information about the number of children born around 2050-2060 demonstrate a smooth synchronization with photon communicated in the test Dual Drive unit. They call that children's The Eden Child.



2061: UNR has completely taken over the orbital system under the agreement of Noar. To recover the orbital pollution affected by the M.O.D. incident. They released the permission for some PMCs to help UNR secure the orbital territory.

But, some illegal space transfer still detected. Axis Dynamics is the only company that got permission to open the space carrier service for personal use.


2061: N.E.M.O.S. is established by Professor Rangan the former CEO of TEC Company. N.E.M.O.S. is the THV Special task force under the UNR permission. They will send out the special troops to resolve any conflict with THV involved.


2062: UNR detected the mysterious object at the far side from GAIA Belt. They starting the investigations.


2063 First strike of THV terrorist on earth. At South East Asia. The terrorist using unknown THV attacking the military base at the border between Republic Ira and Suvarnabhumi province.

N.E.M.O.S. accepts this first mission and succeeds to stopped that terrorist.


2065: Neil's no longer in UNR soldier. No one knows about the reason behind, he lost all contact anyways.

In the same year, the energy and water conflict in the middle east's increasing tension. A lot of PMC under UNR contract's established.


2068: Public announce from Watchmaker. They uses Dual Drive to destroy GAIA protocol and hacks all public media to streaming their operations.

Ambush attacks appeared around the world. Watchmaker using an orbital blind spot to send the troops to attack any UNR Authority.

A much loss on both sides but no reason to stop them.


In the same year. UNR can not sustain the war. It's separate from clusters to be nations conflict.

PMC like Aisen corp and others joined the contract. Also, a number of the military used THV is growing.


2069: NEMOS 7th basement's structured in the west of the Indian Ocean. 

This division's leading by the group of special young THV pilots trained by professor Rangan and TEC dual-drive program.

To fight back Watchmaker and protect their purpose.


The journey of young boys and girls in the world of conflict just begins.