New assets update!

Hi pilot, some little update we've provided before the next Closed Beta. More supporting parts called a backpack. More of them is ready for the new screenshots. Let's check it out!

Power utility pack with microwave transmitter.

About them, you may think about the booster ability and power consumption, but some of them in DUAL GEAR is relating to some support skills. This pack type will let the player unit refill the energy of the team.

Some of the supporting pack will have more abilities to bring status points increasing. Accuracy, range or evasion rates can be support by the in-range unit who's attach the pack.

Basic booster type.

Back to the standard type of the pack. It's suited for the player who wants to focus on speed and decrease the unit weight. Maybe low energy output but if the unit was the light type setup, quick moving, and saving the power with each attack skill. This small pack is excellent for your hangar.

Thanks for the watching on our progress. Stay tuned for the next update!

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