1/6 Real Dual Gear VS. Case Mode World Series is ready!

Hi pilots, Do you remember this project?

The perfect custom made gaming PC inside one meter real Dual Gear statue from Raf-mods. After six months, our friend Rafał Dryjer the professional craftsman from Poland start making the project and spend time after work at his workshop to build this excellent PC modding ever. Now it's finally done. This project was made by great experience of handwork, woodcraft and a lot of sense of robot mechanism. Raf is the perfect craftsman and working by the fully of happiness. He shared everything he did for our team, and we saw a lot of love he gave on this project. Begin from the first wooden plate until the first rise up of this mech. He impresses our team all the time! So, Raf preparing to submit this project on #CMWS18 (Case Mod World Series). The vote and judging will start on this 24 July. Don't miss this event and check out to vote on the website!

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