DG Update 0085

Monthly Update!

Final Stretch Goal, Multiplayer is ready!

First for this month. Thanks, everyone for our final stretch goal, we did it! We have been reached to 35k stretch goal to bring the multiplayer mode on our development track. We will update more info about that later but we can tell you about that, it was different for the first plan for the mode we want to do. We think the suitable multiplayer gameplay for Dual Gear should be easy to accept and make an attraction for a different type of player. That is the multiplayer we want to do!

More Screenshots of the new mech type!

Remember the latest update? We put some images of the mech parts, reverse and Quadruple legs but their still only the bottom part. This update was showing the unique mechs with the new leg parts. That two mech type we call THV can appear for your enemies by the different customization and also, they can equip the shoulder weapons. We will update more of them soon.

Next Progress of Raf-Mod!

Time to installing the hardware! A lot of brilliant ideas to attach the different hardware blending with the mechanic functional for the gimmick. Raf spends so many times to bring this project come true, and all images he sent to us were made our team crazy. Don't forget to track his development along side with us!

See the work in progress forum.

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