DG Update 0084

Hi pilots,

This mini-update is about the final stretch goal and some mech progression for the next beta build.

First, we are almost to reaching the next stretch goal! Only 1.2 k for the target, the Multiplayer mode! If we did it, we might put the multiplayer to the next beta build. Keep going, pilot!

New screenshot update!

A single screenshot of reverse leg and quadruple parts. We are integrating them into the build. Yes, also the new features you will see it soon.

Raf-mod One meter Sidewinder PC custom build going to the first rise!

Also, more progression of the real Sidewinder the custom builds PC by Raf Mods is almost done. This work is going to complicated. Raf is working on any fine detail to her. You can see the hand engraving on any armor and piece by piece of track parts. Yes, everything is handmade! Let see his amazing work at the links below the article.

Now we are in April, the month we are estimated to provide the Beta but we still need more time for the development. We know for our wrong estimated time. Our team will do the best to reaching the new progression to our all backers until we are ready to reveal the expected time of next build! Happy Easter and stay tuned for the next update, pilots!

See the work in progress forum.

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