Leak concept art update and something surprise! The hard-working maybe trying to stop us reveal the new update but we will do it! For the Beta build, not only the story mission we were adding to the game, but the new mechs are also. Let's check it out the latest mech concepts.

The middle position, we think it looks familiar to you all, Yes one more Sidewinder type but it is newest and more improvement of the technology. Please remind some mecha anime. The mass production type will come out later the original one and will change the way of the war. Yes, they are also crucial for DUAL GEAR story. The name of this mech is Rattle.

Quadrupedal type THV!

The one more shape of gear we built. Someone ask my team about the different type of the mech legs to made them remind the classical mech. Now, the detail about the real-time showing in the game still secret but you can see the concept arts first! We still not ready to deploy the main story but it is coming. And if you want to know about the mech inside the shadow, stay tuned for the next update! Check out something special our fan built it for DUAL GEAR.

Yes, The real is happening. One meter sidewinder is rise! Is this one the prototype figurine? Or something built for the toys. No! This superb full scratch build is PC! Yes, the real sidewinder with the PC structure inside but we can't call it just a PC case, but this is the real Sidewinder! The great craftsman who built her(Sidewinder) is Rafal. He is the experienced carpenter living in Poland. Also, the fan of FM series especially FM3. More thing, he loved in the PC modding and made a lot of stunning MOD for his page called Raf Mods.

He started to work on this project from a few weeks ago. He spent the time after the work to build it. We want you to look all progress he doing. Everything so professional! Let's see more progress and everything he work in the big workshop here! One more thing. Raf finding the sponsor to support some hardware for this project. The one part so important is GPU. We think everyone knew a GPU price is increasing because of the crypto mining and hard to find them with the fair price. We sure, everyone want to see the best performance to run any insane game on this real Dual Gear PC. If you are interested to support this project, you can contact him at his address below. Rafał Dryjer Będargowo 20/3 72-005 Przecław poland tel: 508755594 Or contact him on Facebook and his official homepage here! Raf-Mod homepage Raf-Mod Facebook

Email : modding@raf-mods.pl Follow our DUAL GEAR! Twitter Facebook Our Official Website. www.dualgeargame.com Check out the Campaign Page, here!

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