Happy December! DG Update 0080-0081!

DG Update 0081 (December)

Hi pilots,

We're almost to the end of the year and still working hard for the next Beta build. Thanks for your patience to waiting for our news!

Yes, we aim for full release too. The most important things during this development phase are the data structure. A lot of data integration works(Story, item&pilot data, etc.) are rolling for now. It's about the game flow will work well so far and will make the next year development is our rising!

Now, we added more assets screenshot to show you. It's about the carrier system of the game. When the closed beta ready. You will see more carrier and enjoy new cut scenes when you go to any mission.

The land carrier!

More thing you need to know. We have two types of the carrier unit in the game, air, and land type. Some place of the mission will change the carrier. It's about the dynamic visual should be for any situation and story. Yes, you can make a customization of them with some upgrade(Unit capacity) or change their color!

Intro cutscene will change by the different transport.

Not only a squad transport, something like a jet glider will appear in the game, but there are for the enemy faction(We call them "Divinity"). This glider unit is the method of how enemies are drop from the sky in any missions. The cut scenes are coming soon!

This is how some enemies appear on the missions.

So, we almost to the 30k of fund! Thanks so much for your support although we are so late. The latest batch of STEAM alpha/ beta pilot perk sold! And the 3rd batch is coming. You can back us more until the beta released came out!

DG Update 0080 (November)

Mini monthly update!

Say hi and happy Halloween for all our supporters! Sorry about this update is not about the story features, but we have some WIP screenshots and concept art of new knuckle weapon we're working. Let's take a look!

look the concept art! more knuckle weapon is coming!

The knuckle weapon in Dual Gear game seem like some traditional famous mecha weapon call Pile Bunker, but we applied something different, you can see through by the concept art, Tripple S types, we call them...Sting, Slash, and Stun. Yes, one from them can make System Down Effect. And some more incoming in next update, and maybe more info about the story features!

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