DG Update 0079

Hi, pilots, We're back to update again. Thanks for your patient to waiting for DUAL GEAR!

Before the next detail of Closed Beta, we will deploy the new things little by little. Today we have some little progress about the next boss unit. Let's check it out!

The Big Quad legs mech with the secret code name. If you got a Closes-Beta build, that means you met the first Aircraft boss and saw that how it(AI) working. However, it's just a test mission for our Alpha Tester. All boss will come again in the story mode of next Closed Beta! Now let's check more screenshots!

*The bounding cube showing on devs build only.

This mech boss is about the close combat battle. Single and multiple target melee attack is the point! The shock wave can be taking the damage on your units if they're in the range, pls be careful!

We're preparing the module of story mode call, Bridge Menu. Seem like FM series you can meet any characters by the 2d screen and find more things and the secrets we placed into the game. We will tell you about that details on next update!

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