Go to the mother land of Mecha! DUAL GEAR on Bitsummit2017!

After the trip of DUAL GEAR at Kyoto! BitSummit 2017 report!

Hi, pilots! We passed the very great week from Kyoto. So much fun after we met a lot of people come to play the DUAL GEAR. We have no time to go out and only focus for everyone came here. Yes, we so much tried but we have a lot of fun every day at Bitsummit! We sure to join again on next year!

From the event, we put the latest version of Closed Alpha on the show. A new feature, Wheel Boost (Our Japanese friends call "Sketch Boost") and new Boss able to play. We were so happy for the enjoying of all people when they finished a boss and used the new boost feature to made the fantastic movement on the gameplay.

Yes, we are almost to update this new version soon, and that will be the last version for Closed Alpha. Next, we will focus on the Beta version. A lot of changed and new are coming!

We have a lot of pictures from Kyoto for you all, hope you enjoy!

The event is taking place at Miyako Messe venue nearly Sanjo Bridge and Gion, and there is an important district for tourist with the great environment of beautiful mountain and river almost the venue.

We have an exclusive art badges and the postcards for everyone who come to play. So much people love the SRW style artwork on the stuff we prepared, very impressive!

A lot of players came to play and made we are out of all stuff, Thanks so much!

Did you see something new on the screen?

A lot of activities of player and devs at Bitsummit! We did well from the show! Thanks everyone who came to talk with us. There are the three awesome days for us!

Our project leader got an interview by Gamespark at Bitsummit. If you want to see more detail(with JP language) let's click here!

We met with some backers from Japan and also got new supporters came after the enjoined of DUAL GEAR! The last build of Closed Alpha will update soon, and if you want to join the Closed Alpha, we still have a little bit of time before the beta start in next few months. Let's become our pilot!

Check out an IndieGoGo campaign and get an Alpha/Beta Access here!

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