Closed Alpha Patch 0.90(.3) Updated and All about details.

DG Update 0071

Closed Alpha Patch 0.90(.3) Updated and All about details.

Hi, pilot. From the last past week, we have been uploaded a 0.90 patch but not release any announcement for you all. So today we are ready to tell you about the patch. Let get into the detail!

Features Added.

-Mouse Support added. For the PC version player request. We added a Mouse cursor to Hangar Screen and Customization Mode. You can choose any buttons by mouse clicking. So some part we added still need more polish. We will keep the improvement and update it soon.

-Game Option added to Hangar Screen. The player can adjust the setting in Hangar Start Screen for now.

-Combat View HUD improved. Position changed for some part. Also, we added a performance of weapon skill under the weapon image blanket. Player also checking a GP consumption on that performance bar.

-Tactical View added. The tactical view is a feature on missions gameplay. The game will let the player go to the Tactical View before getting into the Combat Gameplay. The Tactical View is an observation view like a Turn Based Grid camera angle( Someone call Top Down Isometric View). This feature will allow the player to see all unit in the mission and able to check a performance of any units, ex. status, Skill, and chain attack rate. So still not a perfect version on this build. Some menu still a future adding.

-Chain Attack added.Still early about this early. Only 2 weapons allow making a chain attack, SMG, and Shotgun. So we call a chain attack is " DDE Link" DDE means Dual Drive Engaged. A chance of chain attack depend on pilot stat "Dual Drive Sync" on each unit near the primary unit player using.

-Head Part Destroy System has been added. when any unit lost a head part, that unit will lose an accuracy for any attack. Also, you can see the different inner part from any units.

-Weapon, Part, and Unit Info have been added. The player can choose this tab to open an Info page. There will show all detail and 3d model of the units, weapons, and parts


- Fixed VR launching and make the game gonna black screen. This is only for Closed Alpha build.

- Remove all UI assets from Coherent UI and renew with UMG(UE4 UI maker) and HTML method.

All new features we added still early. Maybe working not good and get the stuck with some method. We will update and improve them soon before the last Closed Alpha patch. So we open to receiving your opinion all times. Feel free to give your feedback in our communities. Let's rock n roll pilots!

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