Indie of the year update! We're on the top 100 of the nomination and need your vote on IndieDB!

DG Update 0068

Hello pilot, Let's vote DUAL GEAR to be an "Indie Of The Year 2016" on IndieDB website! We passed to the one of top 100 nomination and need for your vote to kickstart our game to be a top of all nominated! You might know the latest game of this prize is Space Engineers ! That really awesome! Yep! The vote will open to public until this 21st Dec! Not over 9 days to bring your power! Join us Mech Army and let's vote DUAL GEAR!

Visit our IndieDB page.

Or let vote by direct link( Please see an expanded tap after you've open the link)

About an Indie DB.

IndieDB is a biggest hub of indie game developer who want to share their own game, showing the development progress, and create their own community. So many famous indie games are on IndieDB. You can visit the website to find out many awesome indie games and also, DUAL GEAR!

Thanks for bring us passed 14k!

From the last past week our funding on IndieGoGo are increase to 14.2K and need only 780$ USD to break a new stretch goal " Transformable Dual Gear" Are you prepare to Transform? If we did it, 1 or 2 concept art of Transformable Mechs will update very soon after we reached the stretch goal!

Our Official Website.

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