Monthly Update! New SMG& Shotgun screen shots! Prepare for next big patch!

Hi pilots, We're back for news update!

Thank for all feedback from you all. A most of many suggestions are on the way. We hope to bring a next build for you all witin this new year

With incoming features, Speed and more tactical element are our target.

Since pre-alpha demo to latest closed alpha, we only deploy a mecha gameplay with "Combat Mode" That is a Third Person View you have been playing. That is the one part of gameplay element. We still keeping another initial feature call "Tactical Mode" gameplay. That feature will allow the player to see the alternate view from actual gameplay (Picturing to standard turn based view) and will let player ti see more attributes of any units and team. Also, Switch unit, Map Skills, and End unit roll order will relate to this feature!There will bring the game to a Turn Based game should be!

So the speed and rhythm of gameplay are important works for us. We received much feedback about that. We sure, for next build you will see something different. We need to bring more fun to you all. After this update, we will release "how changing" little by little. Don't forget to follow us and find out more details will be updated on our website soon. We hope you're like them, pilot!

New Weapons screenshots, Submachinegun and shotgun!

There are the some of the new weapons will coming for the next closed alpha patch. You will see little variations of their weapons and double barrels shotgun. We want to bring a more powerful weapon to the next patch. Yes if you have more power you need to deal with stronger enemies! Next patch pilot you will become a real Ace!

Two variations of double barrel shotguns.

Four variations of 2 SMG types.

We already have 7,000 members on our STEAM community!

We must thank for everyone has been joined our community! In that community page is the easy way to bring your feedback to us. Feel free to join us or spread out DUAL GEAR to the world!

We plan for deploy the next build within this December. Do you want to get into an Alpha/Beta Access of the game? We still open an InDemand on Indiegogo. You still become our backer until Beta release phase start. Don't miss it, pilots!

Visit and get Alpha/Beta Access.

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