DG Update 0061, Closely to unlock MOD support goal!

Bring us to the MOD support goal, and more important info about Create your Pilot artwork perks included with patch update info! Hi, pilots! We nearly finish the first goal! We need a little bit to get a MOD support! That is our pending work from the 1st campaign! Let help us to finish the job, pilot!

So we have a new stretch goal for 15000$ will be updated very soon. This stretch goal will give more reward for all backers. More exclusive mechs for all backers from 1st and 2nd campaign! Do you want to know? Firstly, we need to smash the first job. Come on, let's go pilots! Patch Update 0.86.09 - More Dynamic Behavior on Basic Enemies AI. All enemy unit will not only cast a stationary attack. Now they can move to change a position and change a target during their turn. - We add Two Instant DG mech to your Hangar! KUSANAGI Type and Vladimir Type! Let's checking your garage after updating! Please switch to next and next unit! You will found a non-pilot Dual Gear, and you can add pilots into them!



Questions about Become The Ace and Beginning of ACE perks. We got a lot of question about the perks to let you become an original pilot in the game. Let check about its below! Q: When and Where my pilot image will appear in the game. A: Pilot image will show on Battle Situation Also, face expression module depend on any situation and have dynamic dialog(Text) Q: My pilot will have a voice over? A: We have a basic Voice Over for all recruitable pilot or enemies pilot (Example Arrgg!, Nooo!, Taisho! and more.) Also, you can choose for male or female voice. Q: Have an epic cut scene like SRW game ?. A: Oh! That is also my dream, but we don't have this module. We were focusing on mech cutscene like Armored Core and overlay with a 2D pilot UI box when they were talking, but only for a story character. So maybe add something special for a backer pilot! (You can share your idea!) Q: Where is a biography of my pilot appears in the game? A: There are in a recruit pilot module(Hangar Manager), We deciding about how it was working on this module. So we can talk a little about it, that like you use your device to contact people! Q: How Different about Beginning of ACE and Become The ACE? A: There are different by Digital and Physical reward type. The Beginning of ACE is only for digital rewards with "draw your pilot image to the game." So Become The Ace is preferred for physical reward. Backer also, receive a printed version of your pilot including in your game box! Q: This game have any pre-made protagonist and main characters in pilots? A: Yes, But we need a bit of time before deploying an info about that. So all backer who's backed for ACE perks will get our document about the story, character, and fact of DUAL GEAR world before start talking for backer-pilot create. Q: If I want my pilot to be a humanoid or android It's possible to do? A: Yup! Sure this is freely for your idea. But we do not prefer about if you want to use a licensed character from anywhere( Also you're Emblem Idea does not bring direct from any licensing graphic) Alright, pilots, only ten days left You are the experienced pilot! We feel your sense of Newtype! You are the chosen!

Support us to get Alpha/Beta game on Indiegogo here!

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