First Goal Finished! & Close-Alpha Patch 0.86.06 updated!

Yeahh! Thank so much for your loves and supports. We passed the first goal! If we merg this campaign to our first, it mean we're reached to 35K right now! Yes, at the first we need for 60K but it's alright! We did well for 50% at first, we must go on! So the 2nd campaign will help us a lot to do all development! Ok pilots, next stretch goal is 10K to unlock "Mod Support". Bring us to make it happen!

Close-Alpha Patch 0.86.06 updated! The time for Keyboard mapping!

We recieved a lot of feefback about Keyboard support and need to adjust something wrong about Keyboard Inputs. We updated and changed some buttons move to the left hand side on keyboard. Pls check them what're updated and fixed below!

What's new in 0.86.06!

-New Graphic Setting Menu at the starting screen. Player can check and apply to show Keyboard and Joystick mapping( Pls Enter or push A to apply before)

-New UI assets for Joystick button base on Xbox One. Also Keyboard buttons has been integrated!

-Basic Direction pad for PC( A,W,S,D) added! Player can use them in Hangar mode, Splash menu.

-Changed and added some Keyboard Inputs.

  • Q and E buttons are able to scroll a skill wheel

  • R and T buttons can use for Switch Unit and Turn End

  • Changed an input of Booster Action to Direction+Space

  • Added an inputs for switch L/R weapons when you attched the same weapons type at both sides! Up Arrow, Down Arrow and also, 1 and 2 on the left numpad.

-Shotgun Improved more realistic, Not good for long range but benefits for short range.

-Fixed Rank result always F. Let's go to get S ranks pilot!

We try to did the game better for PC users! About Keyboard mapping we do not integrate a voice over for keyboard guide right now. There will become later. Thank for everone who's gave us a feedback. We still working for that! Stay tuned for the next update!

Check Out a Screenshots!

For Alpha/Beta backers who did not reply our confirmation email

If you are a backer from "STEAM Alpha/Beta pilot" and 40$ upper perks. We'll send an email to confirm you again on this Monday!

Thank for your support, pilots!

Check out 2nd Campaign here!

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