Close-Alpha Patch 0.86.02 updated!

Dev blog update!

We stiil continuous improving the game on this phase! We already update a new second patch at few days ago. Let see what are improved!

-Switch a unit or turn change problem during using Vertical Missile Fixed! - Action point and GP consumption fixed! All energy and Action point are follow with detail showing on Pilot Skill menu. -Shotgun aiming problem fixed. Player can manipulate to aiming all angle right now. -Compact player status UI on the left side of screen added for a Tank and Drone enemies when their turn start! -Vertical missile skill from the enemy made a game freezes when enemy using it on MESSA mission has been fixed! -Sholder weapons positions has been fixed for Vladimir type arm part! You can see a right position of any weapon you're attach on this arms. -Tank turret reset a rotation when they do the attack on their turn fixed! -Improved a balance of enemies stat. The will be more easy for the beginner!

Alright! this is our second patch we're improving the game( 1st patch's on the past Saturday) We still have some issues we need to do and also, any Alpha backer asking for. Let see!

-Level and Exp system still lock for this phase. Yeah, not for now but there are coming soon! -Dual Point for unlock new skill can't obtain. You will see all are zero show when you're killed any enemies. This feature also coming soon. -Keyboard mapping is on the way! -SMG bullet slight out when the unit get closer. We're checking about this!

More thing! we just update a new look of our DUAL GEAR website! Also, Feedback forum now open. If you need to tell us about problems,ideas or questions. Feel free to leave your opinion on our forum. Your comment will help us for dual gear :D

Check out the website at

And get an Alpha/Beta Access on #indiegogo here!

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