Let Hack n' Slash! New melee weapons update!

Montly Mecha!!

Hi! We have reached the end of the month. We would like to apologies to everyone as unfortunately we are unable to release the Close Alpha( for backers) in time this month. We will inform you in the near future on when it will be available soon. Slash Weapons Update!

Today, we have an update on the Slash Melee weapon to show you. These Unique weapons will be different from the sword that was in the pre-alpha. The Long Blade have good range and agile weapon. Despite its short range, the Explosive spike is an excellent explosive melee weapon. The High-frequency Sword is an extremely powerful weapon. It has Huge damage potential at the cost of high energy consumption. All three weapons will be in the Close Alpha build of Dual Gear!

Close Alpha Progress!

The Key for the Close-Alpha will be sent to the Backers soon (STEAM ALPHA/BETA PILOT and THE VETERAN(and above). The first build will finally have the Mech customization available to the player for the first time! After that, there will be regular update with new asset and more.

Basic from Pre-Alpha build "High Frequency Blade"

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