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Genre : Tactical Action Turn Based Strategy
Category : Turn Based Stratetgy, Action, Mech
Plarforms : Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox One
Developer : Orbital Speed Studio Co.,Ltd
Publisher : Orbital Speed Studio Co.,Ltd
Digital Copy Price : 19.99 USD
Physical Copy Price : TBA
Release Date : In 2018
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60, Soi Kanchanaphisek 09 Yaek 9, Khan Na Yao, Bangkok 10230  Thailand
Tel +66 866448792 (Mobile)
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How People Talking About Us!
“They like Front Mission… total win!”
“The turn based action in DUAL GEAR looks engaging and multifaceted.”
“Semi-Real Mecha square off in a satisfying plod.

Dual Gear is a turn based strategy game combination with action gameplay  inspired from classical  japanese mech TBS games . Player can command the units with turn based system from the third person action perspective ,develop a pilot, customize their own mechs squad to finish the mission and find the secret parts,weapons and story.


The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and still in development. Estimated release in 2018.

Turn Based X Actions!

Pilot your mech and keep a tactical play by turn based system. The system is the combination between 2 types of gameplay. Giving the player experience of the pilot themselves and at the same time, the player needed to think about the tactic and strategy. Making the reaction,  management of resource and awareness of the mission extremely important.

Combat System!

The attack system of DUAL GEAR is a mixed of real-time shooting and quick performance(skill, etc) cut scene. 

The game uses a system called Action Skill, which is a combined of two elements. First is the action point(AP), the other is the Generator Output(GP). Every skill will have their own requirement to activate.

for example, the weapon that has huge damage output or ability to hit multiple targets will need 1 or 2 action point and a lot of GP to activate.

Like basic classic TBS game, the combat system included the range and percentage accuracy. Both are related with pilot status and any weapon equipped. Skill may have an effect on them too, increasing or decreasing the accuracy, making more damage or have more chance to get a critical hit. 

DUAL GEAR has a durability system set by AP&CP gauge. AP gauge is Armor Power. This is the durability of outer armor. CP gauge is Core Power. it's mean the durability gauge of the inner frame. AP is the first protection before CP when AP is 0, Outer armor will be destroyed. After that the part will have only CP to received damage. The parts will be destroyed when the CP are depleted.

All part and armor are destroyable. When they do, they will have several effect to the unit to the unit. For Example, when the mech lost a right arm, you will also lose the ability to use the weapon on that arm. If the leg has taken a lot of damage, the movement will be slow and consume more GP than normal.

Turn by Turn, Unit by Unit!

From the third-person perspective gameplay, the important of the system is how to order multiple units in the squad. The game limited the of the movement and attack  by GP gauge and action point. While the unit is moving, the enemy within range will attack the player unit. The attacking will stop when player mech stops moving,  this opens the player to plan out a strategy.  Should we attack another enemy or move to the new position again before changing the unit or ending turn. This system made squad and resource management extremely important.

Other Features
  • Story Campaign & 30 Hours to play.

  • 30 Missions for story campaign with replayability. Several other submissions.

  • Unit & Squad Customization.

  • 30 Original mech ! and over 100 parts!

  • 60 Type of weapons.

  • Super Weapons!

  • Carrier System

  • Armor & Part Break System

  • Character Development System.

  • Pilots Recruit System

  • Action Skills & Passive Skills.

  • Chain Combination Attack.

  • Huge Mech Boss.

  • Space Combat System.

  • Replay-able Mission Modes. Skirmish and Simulation mode.

  • Initial language Support EN, JP, TH

Mech Customization System

DUAL GEAR let the  player custom their own mech and team. Every DG is composed of five main parts, The Main Camera(Head), Cockpit, Arms, Legs and Back Pack. Each part have unique initial status and role in the game. As an example, the high weight Legs have a higher durability and resistant value. However, it will slow the DG movement down and use a lot of GP when that mech move.

Also, The player can custom the color, add pattern and camouflage of the DG part by part. Don't forget to choose your emblem and become the ace right now!

*This Feature availabled on Close-Alpha

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Cut Scene Screenshot
Hangar Mode
Pilot Skills Setup
Skirmish Mission
Pre-Alpha MESSA Mission
Pre-Alpha MESSA Mission
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Featuring Videos
Close-Alpha 0.86 Mech Customization Video
Close-Alpha 0.86 Skirmish Mission Video
Pre-Alpha 0.50 Messa Mission Video
Pre-Alpha 0.50 IndieGoGo Trailer Video
About The developer!

We are a 4 man developer from Bangkok with the veteran developers and the enthusiastic newbie to be this studio's name Orbital Speed Studio. Dual Gear is our  first original game. We hope to bring this game to be the good one of the genre.Thank you for your support and please follow us! Let check out our website to see other works and service here!


Pongpat Pongsakorntorn/ Art Director, Project Leader and Company Founder

Past project : Deadly Premonition the diretor's cut ( PS3,PC ), Aeternoblade (3DS,PSVITA,PS4), Crazy Strike Bowling (PS3),Enmorph Online( MMORPG PC )

Pornyot Pongsakorntorn/ Programmer

Past project : Wicked Monster Blast(Wii,PS3), Crazy Strike Bowling (PS3)

Sukrit Deephanphong/ 3D Artist

Past project : Aeternoblade (3DS,PSVITA,PS4)

Panuwit Satpleng / 3D Artist

Past project : Estabilshed with DUAL GEAR!


Pongpat Pongsakorntorn/ Art Director, Project Leader and Company Founder

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