Hi all pilot! Long time no see in our official page. We almost to back in full operation very soon but before starting of Beta phase, we need to do the technical work with our all Indiegogo supporter first

Recruitable pilot survey is ready now. We provide the first 30 V...

September 3, 2018

New assets update!

Hi pilot, we keeping to dispatch the new update shorter. Still the rollout of new assets and also some animated scene for the first mission. Let see the progress we want to tell you, all pilots!

Knuckle (KN)

A set of melee weapon, knuckle (KN). Many typ...

August 20, 2018

New assets update!

Hi pilot, some little update we've provided before the next Closed Beta. More supporting parts called a backpack. More of them is ready for the new screenshots. Let's check it out!

Power utility pack with microwave transmitter.

About them, you may think...

Hi pilots, Do you remember this project?

The perfect custom made gaming PC inside one meter real Dual Gear statue from Raf-mods. After six months, our friend Rafał Dryjer the professional craftsman from Poland start making the project and spend time after work at his wo...

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