Monthly Update! New SMG& Shotgun screen shots! Prepare for next big patch!

Hi pilots, We're back for news update! Thank for all feedback from you all. A most of many suggestions are on the way. We hope to bring a next build for you all witin this new year With incoming features, Speed and more tactical element are our target. Since pre-alpha demo to latest closed alpha, we only deploy a mecha gameplay with "Combat Mode" That is a Third Person View you have been playing. That is the one part of gameplay element. We still keeping another initial feature call "Tactical Mode" gameplay. That feature will allow the player to see the alternate view from actual gameplay (Picturing to standard turn based view) and will let player ti see more attributes of any units and team

Our 2nd IndieGoGo campaign ended! And In Demand mode start!

Welcome, a new 249 pilot to our Mecha squadron! We must thank for you all to bring the latest campaign gots over 200% of the fund and let us to unlocked Mod Support! With IndieGoGo system allow us to open In demand campaign after we finished 100% fund. You always choose all perks to back DUAL GEAR all the time. Also, Transformation DG stretch goal still on the way! So we still have a lot of work to do. For Alpha/Beta backers, we need a little bit of time around 2-3 hours to compile our supporter list to send a confirmation emails. After you completely fill up our confirmation email, we will send a Close Alpha access steam key within 24 hours after you send back a confirmation! About Close Al

DG Update 0061, Closely to unlock MOD support goal!

Bring us to the MOD support goal, and more important info about Create your Pilot artwork perks included with patch update info! Hi, pilots! We nearly finish the first goal! We need a little bit to get a MOD support! That is our pending work from the 1st campaign! Let help us to finish the job, pilot! So we have a new stretch goal for 15000$ will be updated very soon. This stretch goal will give more reward for all backers. More exclusive mechs for all backers from 1st and 2nd campaign! Do you want to know? Firstly, we need to smash the first job. Come on, let's go pilots! Patch Update 0.86.09 - More Dynamic Behavior on Basic Enemies AI. All enemy unit will not only cast a stationary a

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