Tactical Action Turn-Based Mech game “DUAL GEAR” Revealed a “Mech Customization Video” and Close-Alp

Tactical Action Turn-Based Mech game “DUAL GEAR” Revealed a “Mech Customization Video” and deploy Close-Alpha build for permission tester! Genre: Turn Based Strategy, Tactical Action, Mech, Robot Platform: STEAM (Windows, Mac), PS4, XBOXONE Developer: Orbital Speed Studio Co., Ltd. Estimated Release Date: April 2017 Bangkok/ Thailand September 30th, 2016 Spiritual Successor Japanese Mecha style game “DUAL GEAR” released Close-Alpha Video of the Mech Customization. Its features freely customize option including Machine setting, equipping weapons, Color adjustment. That is all accessible in the Alpha test released for the supporters who have got the permission to access. After reached 50% a fu

First Goal Finished! & Close-Alpha Patch 0.86.06 updated!

Yeahh! Thank so much for your loves and supports. We passed the first goal! If we merg this campaign to our first, it mean we're reached to 35K right now! Yes, at the first we need for 60K but it's alright! We did well for 50% at first, we must go on! So the 2nd campaign will help us a lot to do all development! Ok pilots, next stretch goal is 10K to unlock "Mod Support". Bring us to make it happen! Close-Alpha Patch 0.86.06 updated! The time for Keyboard mapping! We recieved a lot of feefback about Keyboard support and need to adjust something wrong about Keyboard Inputs. We updated and changed some buttons move to the left hand side on keyboard. Pls check them what're updated and fixed bel

Close-Alpha Patch 0.86.02 updated!

Dev blog update! We stiil continuous improving the game on this phase! We already update a new second patch at few days ago. Let see what are improved! -Switch a unit or turn change problem during using Vertical Missile Fixed! - Action point and GP consumption fixed! All energy and Action point are follow with detail showing on Pilot Skill menu. -Shotgun aiming problem fixed. Player can manipulate to aiming all angle right now. -Compact player status UI on the left side of screen added for a Tank and Drone enemies when their turn start! -Vertical missile skill from the enemy made a game freezes when enemy using it on MESSA mission has been fixed! -Sholder weapons positions has been fixe

New Result and Reward UI Updated!

Mecha Monday! Hi pilots! Some WIP updated! Result UI has been put to a new build! Are you prepare for the challenge! Also everyone who miss our campaign we'll release a good news soon!

Mecha Friday! Let see some customization screenshots!

Hi there! Happy Friday! Long time no see over the week! We working with a Hangar Module for next Alpha-Beta build! The pre-code for steam will send for all alpha-beta backers next week! Let see new feed from our facebook!

New Level Update The Middle East Level

Ho pilot we just update a new level for player can play more and also we integrating the new features call Skirmish mode let get an alpha build here go now pilot! Right now we working hard on UI module we need it to work correctly and better and better!

WIP new heavy type mecha call "VLADIMIR"

Mecha Friday!! Hi pilots!! Happy weekend for everyone! During the work for next close alpha build. Today we have some work in progress captured about new mech!! Code name of this guy is "Vladimir" A heavy type of DG usable in game. Still only upper parts here. A pre-render version coming soon! Stay tuned

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