Neil Carlsen(42)

He is the veteran pilot of UNR who faced with The Massive Orbital Incident in 2058. He pilots the Dual Gear, Sidewinder, to protect The Gaia Space Station from the unknown terrorist that also used Dual Gears in the attack.


After the operation, Neil and his squad can secure the main structure of Gaia but, some unburned debris still falling to collided anyplace on earth. That incident changed his life forever. He lost his wife and his four years old daughter from the debris collision. 


Neil loses his contact until 2069 but, he comes back again to stop The Black Dual Gear behind the attack of Gaia Space Station 11 years ago.


Aliya Afrah(16)

A mysterious girl only able to pilots The Black Dual Gear, Xenoframe. No background, no identity, and no one know her. She is the one from the Experimental Pilot Training Program of Eden Child, especially called her with the code name, Negative Zero.


After she defeated by Neil, her pilot helmet broken from the fight showing her real face to Neil stunning him from the sudden attack. He stops everything then and listens to the girl word. She looks like his daughter died from the MOD 11 years ago.  


After The fight, Neil and Aliya accepted the request to joined the NEMOS 7 and begin the journey with team Alma, Ajay, Kenji to fight back The WatchMaker.

Alma Bright (32)

The big mama of NEMOS 7. She was one of Seeker Dual Gear Troop stations on Babel Orbital Fortress. 


Before the permission to secure Gaia Space Station. The explosion made by the terrorist scatter out some of the debris diving into the earth's atmosphere. Some collided with Babel! Alma got an injury inside her Dual Gear cockpit. She's survived but her injury takes the effect directly to her internal organ. She can't give any more birth and no way back to normal.


Alma joined NEMOS7 by Rangan's request and be the first commander of the seventh squad. 


Ajay Greg (18)

A young pilot boy from Detroit. Not only a much sense of humor. He was the expert hacker since he just only 9 years old. When he's 12, he did the legendary by hacking all D-Currency from the sub-company of TEC. All hackers know well it's hard to encrypt the great firewall into their mainframe but, he did it when he was a kid. 

He arrested by Detroit Police then but he did not care about that. This is my pride, he said. Ajay met with Rangan during he's in contained by police. After joined the Eden Child Program, Now he is the computer engineering of the NEMOS team.


Iwasawa Kenji (19)

The refugee boy arrived at New Kowloon when he was a kid. He is not Japanese but he is the one member of the former Yakuza who most influences in The New Kowloon. 


A tragic story happens 5 years ago. After the training to be the secret killer. The gang ordered him to kill someone from the rival gang. Kenji did it but, the terrible thing revealing in front of him. That man who's killed is the brother of his only one friend in Kowloon. That was shocking him a much. The rival gang starts to hunt him until he escapes to the dead-end of Kowloon Sea Port. He falling into the sea and floating in the pacific ocean one week until Rangan found him. After joined the Eden Child Program, he became an expert in a personal close combat soldier and bring his style also, in Dual Gear control. 

Sprigan Aimi(22)

The operator girl of NEMOS 7. She is not the Eden Child but, her father is the founder of The Biggest Energy Company who participates in the worldwide energy business. He forces her to go out from the comfort zone with no word and tells Rangan to get her job in NEMOS 7. That makes her hate her father so much, Hate The Indian Ocean, and everything about the military. However, something changes her mind during the operator job, She became the second sister of the Seventh Squad and be the good operator with the team.


Rangan Afrah (60)

The former Lead Neuron Scientist and also, one of the Co-founders of TEC, the most powerful technology provider company in the world. He leaves TEC after the MOD. 2061, He established the NEMOS with the help of UNR, to create the Independent Dual Gear Special Task Force for the specific military operation about THV to THV. Rangan want to stop the Cluster War and also stop the Watchmaker who's claimed they are the terrorist behind the MOD Incident!